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Sri Lankan tea (known for generations as Ceylon Tea) carries behind it a heritage and success story like no other. A product that began as a diversification experiment in 1867 spanning just 19 acres of land has today surpassed all geographical borders to satisfy 19% of global demand. Reputed for its signature taste and aroma, Sri Lanka has become the world’s third largest tea exporter to the world, the country’s largest employer and has the distinction of supplying tea to the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. It is a great equalizer, demanding attention from the counter of the smallest eatery to the most exclusive tea-bars in the world (Export Development Board Sri Lanka,2014).

In this online course we explore the heritage of Ceylon Tea and the challenges it faces now. We first introduce the fascinating history of tea. We then explore the current world outlook of the tea industry. By knowing the global trends we can make assumptions about what needs to be done in order to maintain our global position. This will be an exciting journey. I hope you enjoy it!

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